Pirate Ship

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Current Community Events:

Holidays In The Park

The Scalawags were proud to participate in Lebanon's annual Holidays In The Park parade for 2016. We decorated a trailer with christmas lights, pirate apparel, and robots created by highschoolers in an effort to spread word of our group and recruit new members. Buttons and jingle bell necklaces were dispensed throughout the crowds of people lining the streets. The drive team also drove a robot down the street behind our float.

Strawberry Parade

Team 1359 was incredibly excited to take a float to the 2017 Lebanon Strawberry Parade in honor of the Strawberry Festival. The judges felt we represented the theme of Strawberry Campin' well, and we earned third place. We spread music, robots, candy, and pirate spirit throughout the town.

Science Fair

The Scalawags took our robot to the Cascade Elementary Science Fair in the spring of 2016, and were invited back this spring. We took our most recent robot and the drive station. There was quite a line of elementary students who were eager to drive a robot, and many who wanted to know how we made it work. In a few years, we hope to see them among our numbers!

Sand Ridge Charter School Presentation

Late this spring, we had the golden opportunity to show who we were and what robotics is to the Sodaville campus of Sand Ridge Charter School. We had an audience of third through eighth grade, and hope to see some of them in our club this summer and fall. Kids got to ask us questions and drive our robot around. They also had the chance to climb our robot about four feet six inches off the ground.

Club Fair

The Scalawags are not tied to our hometown school, Lebanon High School, so that we can have kids on our team from all schools in the area. However, the high school invited us to participate in their club fair. We gained some valuable new members and spread awareness about our club.

First FRC 1359 Venture Crew