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Junior Robotics Team

6/23/18 This was our first Jr. Robotics meeting. We started with four kids and a safety talk in our shop. After that, we sat and discussed the problems of eating ice cream. We worked with partners and then as a group to design a machine to solve the problems of eating ice cream. We let the Jr. Members drive our two robots, the Rancid Squid and Percival, the T-shirt cannon. At the end of the session, we came up with simple machines to move a small cube across the floor. The kids had materials like balloons, popsicle sticks, yarn, and small cardboard boxes. The next meeting is on 7/28/18 at 9:30. Any student going into grades 4-8 is welcome to attend. This is a free event - we hope to see you there!

First FRC 1359 Venture Crew